Legenda Tay Ho

Friends in Legenda Tay Ho Hotel

I am a person who fear separation, so I don’t know why I am working in a hotel – a place where people say goodbye every day.It make me wait for the day they will come back to me. The students just went away from Legenda Tay Ho Hotel, it is one of the guests in  the group left a deep impression on me. They come from many different countries: 6 people from America, 2 from New Zealand, 1 from Canada and 1 from Holland.

Life in the legend of West Lake

Hanoi is one of the few world capitals with so many lakes in it. Among hundreds of them, there’s West Lake, which is like a miniature ocean right at the heart of the city. The Lake is beautiful all year round yet especially in autumn. Mother Nature skillfully uses her palette of colors to paint on its huge water surface. In the morning, the red orange of the Sun gloriously rises from the East side and its yellow rays spill like honey on the waves.

Return here to listen to the waves

Hanoi is the unique Capital because it is one of few capitals with the many lakes in the world. The Sword Lake and the West Lake are the two largest, oldest lakes with many legends passing together with time.