Legenda Tay Ho

Friends in Legenda Tay Ho Hotel

I am a person who fears separation, so I don’t know why I work in a hotel – a place where people say goodbye every day. It makes me wait for the day they will come back to me.

The students just left Legenda Tay Ho Hotel. They were guests, who made a deep impression on me.

They come from many different countries: 6 people from America, 2 from New Zealand, 1 from Canada and 1 from Holland.

They are young students with strong passion and enthusiasm, who bring their love to share with everyone in the world, especially with the unfortunate people. With the support of a non-governmental organization, they came to Vietnam to join a meaningful volunteer program.

Through a friend, who had worked and stayed in Vietnam for nearly 1 year, they were introduced to Legenda Hotel, and so they came over here.

After checking-in in the hotel they went out and looked for a place to rent bicycles and ride around the lake to visit some nice places and the Old Quarter. Their Hanoi schedule was always very busy. Every day they made plans to do many exciting and interesting things.

In around 16 days in Hanoi, they visited many poor children at the SOS children’s village. I was very excited, when I saw some pictures of them looking after the children that were affected by Agent Orange. The war is over! The Americans cannot have imagined, that 40 years later, their children would come to look after the Vietnam children suffering from Agent Orange.

Volunteer work is really hard, but in their spare time they experienced the tourism wonders of Vietnam, such as Hanoi capital and Nha Trang beach, as well as Halong Bay, which, they said, was the most memorable. They talked together about Halong Bay legends and many large and small islands on the sea. It looks like a dreamland in the fairy tales. We, people working at Legenda Hotel, are very proud of our country. They showed many pictures they have taken in Halong bay from many different angles. The young people with energetic and love of life in the harmony with the beauty of magic Halong. The heaven and earth are placed on this S-shaped strip of land…This all makes Vietnam a country of an endless beauty, which made a deep impression on all of the members in the group.

Not only that! To show hospitality and “soul food” of  Hanoians, we made them many special and traditional food as a gift for them such as: Phở bò; Bún thang, Bún gà, Bún chả - nem or West lake fish, cooked with beer, as well as a lot of tropical vegetables.

Hanoi was very hot, about 40 degrees C, One of the girls in the group got a serious fever, and we gave to her some porridge and herbs soup, as well as salt lemon tea. It was enough to makes her get well very quickly and be eager to continue the journey to volunteer and explore the new land.

When they were leaving, the students gave to Legenda Tay Ho hotel staff a card with many thanks and the infinite love, the good wishes and many hugs. The photo of all of us taken in front of the hotel before they left Legenda Hotel makes unforgettable memories.