Legenda Tay Ho

Life in the legend of West Lake

Hanoi is one of the few world capitals with so many lakes in it. Among hundreds of them, there’s West Lake, which is like a miniature ocean right at the heart of the city. The Lake is beautiful all year round yet especially in autumn. Mother Nature skillfully uses her palette of colors to paint on its huge water surface. In the morning, the red orange of the Sun gloriously rises from the East side and its yellow rays spill like honey on the waves. In the daytime, the lake glistens and splashes its waters under immense blue sky. In the sunset hours, the dim lines of fog stretch over and cover the golden-touched waves.

The wind blew and bamboo branch has swung.
The bell of Tran Vu welcomes the morning of Tho Xuong.
The haze of fog had turned into the dew.
The rhythm of Yen Thai has touched Tay Ho.

People who live at West Lake are really proud of their home. The lake is surrounded by many streets bearing such ancient names as Nhật Chiêu, Vệ Hồ, Vẹn Hồ, Trích Sài, Võng Thị. These streets are considered to be the most romantic alleys of Hanoi and many love stories were put about them. West Lake attracts numerous visitors not only from the capital but from other provinces as well – people come here to enjoy and behold the beauty of this place.

Among them are many foreigners, who also share the warm feelings for West Lake and pronunce it to be their favourite landmark.

According to Igor Timofeev, one of the guests: “The best time to enjoy the lake’s surface is during the misty morning or at the sunset, when it’s really pleasant just to sit and rest in the quietness if Legenda Tay Ho hotel”.

He said :

 “Good day, friends!

We’re happy to join you here.

We come from the company producing some of the best health products in the world. It’s an international company, present in 22 countries around the world and Vietnam is our 22nd destination. Of course we want to bring our products here and make our contribution into healthcare for every Vietnamese person. Why are we here? We came to Hanoi to find a standing ground. We are Siberian and it’s really hard to adjust to Hanoi’s hot weather. We were looking for the coolest place to stay and found Legenda Tây Hồ hotel. This is West Lake. The owner of the hotel speaks Russian very well, sings really nice and she’s a business lady. She works a lot and we really don’t know when she sleeps. We’re deeply grateful to her for inviting us to hotel.

According to the international friends, “Legenda Tay Ho” is a cozy hotel on the banks of West Lake, located on a quiet street of Nhật Chiêu. The hotel’s name, translated from Russian means “The Legend of West Lake”. Many years ago, the owner of the hotel had lived and studied in USSR: even though the world has changed, she still keeps the sweet memories of the snowy land where birch trees grow.  And this gave the idea to call the hotel in Russian: “Legenda Tay Ho”. The hotel’s elegant interior creates an opportunity to feel the light breeze of the lake’s vast.

Interior designer Le Thanh Huyen, who designed the interior of the hotel Legenda Tay Ho said that she wanted to include in her design products made of natural materials, such as conical bamboo baskets and cages. Now this artwork is everywhere in the hotel and helps to welcome guests.

Many relaxing hours are awaiting on you while staying at “Legenda Tay Ho”. In the afternoon, you can rest on the balcony, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunset in the evening. And if you are lucky to arrive in the lotus blossom season, you would feel its scent everywhere. This flower is represented in many details of the hotel’s interior. Because lotus – its the national floweer of Vietnam.


 Spanish visitor, Mr Diego Cortizas, owner of Chu La, really loved his stay in Legenda Tay Ho hotel.

I am from Spain and live in Vietnam already for 9 years. I found out about the hotel Legenda Tay Ho a couple of month ago and was very surprised with the atmosphere and interior. Hotel is decorated using best traditions of Vietnamese culture. On the entrance there are fresh flowers. Location is the great thing about the hotel – it is on the bank of a calm and quiet lake. It is also easy to get to the airport from the hotel. Westlake is another part of Hanoi – it is closer to nature. There you can always relax while you walk, bike or drive around the lake. I really like this part of Hanoi, because it is cool and clean.

Mr Elton Sergio, a student from Mozambique, usually comes to Legenda Tay Ho hotel with his friends on days off to enjoy some lotus tea. He said that he likes the atmosphere of the hotel, which is very close to nature, as well as enjoying the lotus tea – the famous tea that traditionally made by young and beautiful women to welcome guests.

Another regular guest, Mr Victor Tretriakov, an English teacher from Ukraine comments :

 “What I like about this hotel – it’s first of all the location. The hotel is next to the lake, it’s just 5 metres from here! Beautiful scenery with the evening breeze and morning coolness. Then – it’s the interior: very simple and interesting. Wooden doors, wooden furniture, decorative ceramic walls”.

Every traveler forever leaves the trace on the ground he steps on. And so do You – when staying in “Legenda Tay Ho” hotel, You leave the trace of warm memories there. By visiting us You get a surprising experience of interesting and unexpected emotions by the name “Legenda West Lake”. Your traces stay here forever!