Legenda Tay Ho

Return here to listen to the waves

If the Sword Lake is compared as “a flower basket in the middle of the city” then the West Lake - with area over 500 ha - is considered as the lung of Hanoi, as wave rattling “lake” lying precariously in the western city. Lakeside roads curve surrounding ancient villages as the most supple, romantic roads, “knowing many love stories” … These road were cleared on the occasion of 1000-year great anniversary of the Capital and newly named in accordance with ancient geographic names existing for the hundred years: Quang An, Quang Khanh, Quang Ba, Nhat Chieu, Ven Ho, Ve Ho, Trich Sai, Vong Thi streets …

Lying on location of Nhat Chieu street - close to the famous Lotus restaurant, there is a hotel quite strangely named: Legenda Tay Ho - with harmony of two Russian - Vietnamese languages. It means a legend of the West Lake.  .

Passing the brown gate, your first feel shall be: Wood. And very sentiment! Two ceramic walls as same as two spreading, firm arms as if they want to embrace both the owners and visitors. The reception room likes an art work, and contains ancient memory, and pretty as a beautiful girl who just rises to step over ties of the fate. Iron wood table and chair set may be really named “Nostalgia” because it has plain features, old shape as if containing many stories of the life ?! On the rear wall there is arranged art performance - but as stories of leaf cones, which shade from the sun and the rain for grandmothers, mothers to patiently “breed silk-worms, draw cocoon, breed children”.

Leaving from stories about women - through performance of cones, see corns of walls both the upper and the lower. Someone shall feel warm hearts. Bamboo trap lamps - representing water rice cultivation appear proudly. Softly yellow light, each bunch … self-spread charm, attraction. On wood shelf, some ceramic works are arranged - also ancient and unique art performance of craftsmen.

Mrs. Nguyen Quynh Anh - the hotel’s owner said: “I have been to many countries in the world and realized that no place in the world is better than my country, house, especially the house lies in the coast of West Lake. Thus, I want to share my pleasure to enjoy this wonderful living space to everyone who come to Hanoi, to the West Lake and to Hotel Legenda Tây Hồ”. 

Sao Mai