Legenda Tay Ho

Legend in a cup of welcome tea

The place to enjoy a cup of lotus tea is the top floor of the Legenda Hotel, at 135 Nhat Chieu – the lane alongside Westlake (Tay Ho). From this special place, guests can observe the immense panorama of Westlake. The Lotus tea party usually takes place in a very homely, friendly atmosphere, as Vietnamese culture is experienced among friends from many different countries, who share a common, deep love of Hanoi. The green tea buds are brought from Tan Cuong in Thai Nguyen province – a place synonymous with green tea – then mixed with lotus flower from Westlake’s own lotus ponds, a day prior to serving. A beautiful young girl places the lotus tea into a pottery teapot and slowly adds hot water. A few minutes later guests can enjoy a fragrant cup of wonderful tea made with the unique lotus flower.

Thai Nguyen’s green tea, Tay Ho’s lotus! Over many years, the art of serving Westlake lotus tea has become a cultural elegance, captivating visitors with its simplicity.

Friendships become stronger with the first sip from a cup of Tay Ho’s lotus tea at the top floor of Legenda Hotel, on the banks of Hanoi’s largest lake.