Legenda Tay Ho

There is a Legenda Tây Hồ

The West Lake is compared as a miniature of ocean lied in the middle of the Capital. Its water surface is enough large to draw multi-color large pictures. In morning, in noon, and then in sunset … the sun as quite red round tray rises from water surface in the East, higher and higher hangs and then gradually submerges in the water surface in the West, to leave purple evening clouds on ripples …

Land chooses human, the human chooses the land! The people living surrounding the area of West Lake have a boundless pride of their residence place. Here is also an ideal business location in creating a place of food and accommodation for foreigners to live, work and study in Hanoi.

There is a 6-storey building lying in a small lane, close to new lakeside road named Nhat Chieu street, a quite poetic name “Legenda Tây Hồ” - transcribed from Russian, i.e “A legend of the West Lake”. The building’s owner previously studied and lived in the Soviet Union, although change in time, but she has still remembered the pleasant memory on the white snow abele region, she used the original Russian to name her legendary building on the West Lake.

Each floor is a closed apartment. Separate living room, two bedrooms, kitchen are equipped with full furniture in detail and it is the most important, all rooms receive the wind blew from the West Lake. “It is in the middle of the lotus reason, the building’s position is close to the famous Lotus lagoon of the West Lake, and the building is under the name of Legenda Tây Hồ, thus, the Lotus is integral”. Mrs. Tran Thien Huong - the building’s manager said.

It may see that ceramic vases arranged with coy, slightly opened pink lotus … appear everywhere, from reception desk at the 1st Floor to the living rooms, bedrooms of floors and especially in relax space of the 6th floor. “This is Vietnamese special space. Walls, bars and floors are built of ceramics, ceilings of wood, sofa of bamboo … Ceiling and the upper of suspended flower gardens crossing the building is a yellow light row spreading out from traps knitted by bamboo, leaf cones… From here, everybody may freely view the West Lake at the top”. Mrs. Huong said proudly.

On “very plain” bamboo table, there is a lotus vase with newly-blown buds. A frigid guitar lies close to it. On the brick wall close to the table unique picture is hanged: two lotuses side by side. The picture named the Siblings presented by a reporter to the building owner, in which containing special significance, it recorded the feeling of two sisters - the owner and the manager - who had years to live in the white snow abele, together play in the young orchestra named BMK…

It may contemplate a screen of the West Lake’s dim and immense water surface when it is storm; a screen in which fisherman fishes on a precarious marble block, looks down to the water bottom to think about the life;  a curved road of the West Lake is vaporous in the early dew in the winter; a street artist passionately plays violin … There is a sink pressured picture which makes someone must praise because of interesting: an amouronis phoenicurus stands on a lotus leaf, beside a slightly opened pink lotus bud. Standing position likes a singer who dances on the stage, passionately sings the summer music … The picture is named briefly by the author as “Singer” -  so that each one may feel personally.

Mr. Viktor Tretyakov – one of the fist visitors of the building didn’t hide his interesting when enjoyed playing the guitar, reading on the relax space in the 6th Floor “I may only speak two words “Wonderful” - he said.