Legenda Tay Ho

Operate tour inbound and outbound service

Legenda Travel a professional tour operator that provides national and international tours 

ur strength is our team, which includes professional travel staff and excellent journalists who have a deep knowledge of Vietnamese tourism and culture. Our tour guides are also the journalists who have intimate knowledge ofmany areas in Vietnam.With their combined expertise and experience they will accompany you on you amazing journey discovering Vietnam.

Our slogan is: “Your trip will become a legend”. We are constantly searching, constantly innovating, constantly connecting to create tourism products which meet the demand of the discerning tourists.

We not only have connections withtourist and cultural areas such as the craft villages of Vietnam but also we have a special connection with our friends from Asia, Europe and America. These connections helpus to serve you better…

We have so many stories to tell you about our land, the Vietnamese people living here now and people from the mythological past.

Can you hear the sea calling andcan you hear what the wind in the mountains say, can you hear echoes of these ancient sediments, or the ruins of ancient myths… Don’t hesitate any longer, pick up the phone and call Legenda Travel!